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Shubhangi Jena

Shubhangi Jena is a creative writer for ACEE THE THIRD EYE. A scripturient at heart and a techie by choice, she revels in translating her musings and engagements with the world into a piece or blogs. If not prosing, one can find her catching up for the coding lessons she missed capturing any new ideas.

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The State - Unflinching Drama on the IS death cult.

Somehow, we all agree to have squandered our hours away facebooking, but some people out there have ended up selling their own youth, unacceptably for the sake of false cla...

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Million Dollar Genius: Is this your moment to change the World?

Ever had a spark, an idea that was your ‘this-is-it’ moment? The light-bulb moment that promised of bringing forth floods of change or revolutionary ideas that ...

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Anupam Kher’s ‘People’- Lights, Camera, Candour!

Anupam Kher’s ‘People’ is a tiny window or an admirable kinetophone into the lives of our favorite celebrities- be it yesteryear or still rocking- earmark...

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The Top of the Lake: A Narrative of Dizzying Power

Rare are stories that strike through the bones and rip apart a human soul. The Top of the Lake, without a hitch engraves its story on all your sensory perceptions.

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Downward Dog: Deeper than Puppy Love

Downward Dog is a super flawless and vivid take at actually picturing the clichéd old-age adage: Dogs are man’s best friend. And this time, just this time, cli...

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UMEED INDIA: A Coze for a Cause

 “You have got to learn how to vibe alone. You can’t live your life being dependent on other sources of energy. You have the ability to be self-sufficient ...

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Handmaid’s Tale: A Handcrafted Foreboding

Ever pictured what the future would look like? We all do. Or rather, we all visualize fleeting scenes of happy days being unrolled and harmony for mankind with flying cars ...

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Slicing the Loaf: Bill Gates limns the art and science of Modern Breads

From ‘The starry night’ cappuccinos and galaxy doughnuts to the Atkins diet or The Zone diet, we have come a long way in our journey for ‘food’ (rem...

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Carving a niche: Indian films nominated for Toronto International Film Festival

Grabbing a spot each in the world premiere for Toronto International Festival are films Omerta, Mukkabaaz and The Hungry. Omerta is directed by director Hansal Mehta, Mukka...

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Of Plastic, Planet & Pumped out Pollution

People around the world, undoubtedly, are prolific garbage producers. However, the amount of plastic waste being churned out have multiplied immensely. Scientists claim tha...

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