After Cyclone Phailin, Odisha fights floods in five districts

After effects of flooding caused by cyclone Phailin unsettled 20 lakh people in the affected areas. Water levels in rivers now retreating below the danger level. Read More&...

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With the compulsion of corporate social responsibility, experts are predicting a 50% hike in jobs as companies strive to employ the best talent to outperform the competition

Compulsory corporate social responsibility is likely to increase the demand for professionals in this field by as much as 50 percent in the coming years and the industry is...

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With over 400 people being rescued just south of Sicily in 2 days, the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis is worse than it has ever been, with government officials going as far as to call the Mediterranean a ‘cemetery’

Italy and Malta pressed European partners on Saturday to do more to stop a migrant crisis which the Maltese prime minister said was turning the Mediterranean into a “...

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By 2047, coldest years will be warmer than hottest in past

Dr. Camilo Mora and his students at university of Hawaii suggest that the rise in emission of greenhouse gases will lead to hottest ever summers in the tropics by 2047. Rea...

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Palestine: Halt Execution of Gaza Child Offender

Hani Abu Aliyan, imprisoned in Gaza’s central prison, faces execution.

Imposing the death penalty for a crime committed by a child makes the executions un...

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Is America Disinventing Human Rights? By Professor Alemayehu G Mariam

In his 1981 farewell speech, President Jimmy Carter said, “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way round. Human rights invented...

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Domestic violence in India: Women’s existence ‘privatized’

As domestic violence and women’s rights matters in India continue to make headlines in the international press, one woman is working to elevate the issues in a troubl...

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Courting' controversy

India has been witnessing a rising trend of judicial intervention and directives in cases involving a face-off between large institutional project...

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Annual Report: India 2013

Republic of India

Head of state Pranab Kumar Mukherjee(replaced Pratibha Patil)

Head of government Manmohan Singh

Torture and other ill-treatment, e...

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Improve delivery of drugs for cancer treatment

Writer: Emil Venere

 July 8, 2013

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Researchers have developed a concept to potential...

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Filmic Cultural Excitement continues at 8th Jagran Film Festival

Mumbai, September 20, 2017: The third day of the Jagran Film Festiva...

September 21 2017

Bonfire – Facebook’s new Group Video Chat App

The ever-growing platform, Facebook has always been able to serve people with differe...

September 21 2017

Learning From Grandmama To Defend Yourself?

Kenya Grandmoms Fight Back Against the Rapists- Literally!

The grandmoms of K...

September 21 2017