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The Curious Case of The Dogs in The Highrise Towers

It’s been since 1989 in one of the upper end high middle class towers in Mumbai, where I have resided on and off over the years, that I have shared a sort of secret l...

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Digital versus Analogue

A peculiar phenomenon has been observed in music made during the classical era, which spans from 1730 to 1820. During this time, experts found improvement in the quality of...

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An Optimistic Perspective of the Indian Film and Television Landscape – Let’s Go Into The Future

India is a land where opportunity and despair go hand in hand and make the innate fabric of this beautiful country. To the west, stereotypically, India is still a land of s...

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Nostalgia Versus Evolution

“Man it was better back in the day” or “Oh you guys have no idea what it used to be like” are smug statements that everyone has heard at some place ...

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The Sociology Of The New Paradigm Of Media

The era of fantasy based sensationalized media is slowly being side-lined by a newly mobilized movement that is demanding media that is richer and motivated towards raising...

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Do We Know What Our Children Want?

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."

J.K. Rowling


Over the last one century or so, ordin...

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The Best of the Cult Films at the Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) showcased some of the most anticipated fil...

September 23 2017

The ‘Sustainable Award’ Category for the first time at Cannes Lions

Often a life-rewarding experience, taking part in or initiating a sustainable develop...

September 23 2017

Haseena Parker

Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, Ankur ...

September 23 2017