Bring On The Girls

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was a publishing sensation and made legit the dysfunctional ‘girl’.

Paula Hawkins’s debut novel, The Girl On The T...

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Her Name Was Gauhar

There is little documentation about India’s great performing artistes and even less about the women.

The tawaifs, despite their talent and refinement had the ...

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Crime And Punishment

The film Drishyam (in its many versions), raised curiosity about the Japanese book that inspired it. The bestselling Japanese novel is also reportedly being made into anoth...

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7/7/07: Heart Of Darkness

Reyhaneh Jabbari was just nineteen when she was arrested for the murder of a man who tried to rape her. After six years of torture and torment she was hanged in October 201...

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Bond Forever

As the latest James Bond film, Spectre become a global hit, and rakes 31.9 crores on opening weekend in India, despite the ‘kiss’ controversy, the one criticism...

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The State - Unflinching Drama on the IS death cult.

Somehow, we all agree to have squandered our hours away facebooking, but some people ...

September 18 2017

The Price we pay for ‘The Love of Chocolate’

Reporters have travelled across Ivory Coast where the main cocoa plantation business ...

September 18 2017

Om Shanti Om – What do the Millennials Say?

Youth not so inclined to bhajans and spiritual songs has been a problem for ages. But...

September 18 2017