Sneha Mathur, A New Role Model

In the early 1990s, at the then nascent MIFF (Mumbai International Festival for Documentary, Animation and Short Films), the package from Canada included a public interest ...

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Acting, No Child’s Play

It’s not often that an episode or sequence gets lifted to a level by some outstanding acting. It’s not necessary that the sterling performance is from an adult ...

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Queens Still Rule

Is Queens Hain Hum heading for a closure, as its not notching up TRPs? It has been moved down from the 8 pm slot to 6.30 pm with a repeat at 11.30pm. The reason, however tr...

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Wanted: Content For Change

Back in the 1990s, I was at a lesser known Irani bakery in Pune; other than the famous Shrewsbury biscuits, this one was also famous for bread rolls. My aunt made several v...

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Of Meanies And Queens

What’s a soap opera without a couple of mean women or vamps? Call them what you may, these epitomes of the Wicked Witch from the West or East from the Wizard of Oz, a...

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Wah Bachchon, Wah!

I must admit, I am totally hooked on to Peshwa Bajirao. The producers must be lauded for casting a bunch of child actors who are simply outstanding. Sphere Origins has put ...

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Prime Time Flavours

Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan filled in Baal Veer’s slot in November 2016. The child super hero who was a human endowed with supernatural powers was taken over by a humanoid boy ...

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Not Just A Hiss Tale

The Pratap household in Ichhapyari Naagin is beginning to feel like a snake pit. With Ichha, the mild mannered form shifting snake being forced to bare her fangs by Amrita/...

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2017: Year Of Change

Star Plus brought in 2017 with a telecast of the Star Screen Awards. The other channels continued with their weekend programming. The fallout of demonetization, I wonder? E...

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Amma Only, On Prime Time

Never have Indian television channels been subjected to the frenetic pace, frenzied reporting and commentating as they all did on Tuesday, December 6 when J. Jayalalitha wa...

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Bareilly Ki Barfi

Run time: 2 hrs 3 Mins
Director: Ashwini Iyer Tiwari August 18 2017


Run time: 1 hour 49 mins

Movie Review -  Annabe...

August 18 2017


The North Indian pre-wedding ritual of the Ladies Sangeet, at whic...

August 18 2017