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The Right To Life

Watching a few clips of Blue Natalie, an Israeli Television series left me disturbed with the emotionally rough scenes of women being herded on to a yatch and then shoved d...

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Top 5 Films with Human Rights Commentary

Human rights are inviolable. The Indian Constitution has held sacred the rights of the people when it comes to Right to Equality, Protection and so on. International bodies...

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Out With The Old…?

Our society has been in a constant flux for change. There is a greater adaptation afoot in a nation like India because of its many contradictions, complexities and voices. ...

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Diverse, not different

We live in a world spanning myriad landscapes that host a multitude of cultures within their boundaries. It is these borders that define and divide us. And it is often in t...

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Television’s Otherwise Abled People

When it comes to portraying a mentally imbalanced person on the screen, and I am referring to television, there is a misconception that any character that has retardation i...

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Mind Over Matter

We have a sort of ostrich-effect approach to mental illness. Bury your heads in sand from the impending danger or the unpalatable around you and it ceases to exist. That th...

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Entertainment Education Shows

Entertainment-Education is the process of purposely designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and educate. This is done to increase audience members??kno...

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G20 Summit Highlights

1. Barack Obama is against invading countries that have the ability to conduct democratic elections.

Oh the irony!

2. Australia (To...

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Filmic Cultural Excitement continues at 8th Jagran Film Festival

Mumbai, September 20, 2017: The third day of the Jagran Film Festiva...

September 21 2017

Bonfire – Facebook’s new Group Video Chat App

The ever-growing platform, Facebook has always been able to serve people with differe...

September 21 2017

Learning From Grandmama To Defend Yourself?

Kenya Grandmoms Fight Back Against the Rapists- Literally!

The grandmoms of K...

September 21 2017