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Revati Tongaonkar

Revati is an architect by profession, freelancer by choice and a writer at heart. She works on the content at The Third Eye, and enjoys trekking to far-flung places in her spare time.


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The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Party

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Feminism and High Art

In London Contemporary Music Festival this year, among other things, one can take the chance to experience a fairly different sort of music- background music from a pornogr...

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The Law of the Land

Environmental lawyers and organizations across the world have begun to demand intrinsic 'rights' for nature- natural bodies, flora and fauna...

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Of Queer Crooners

Every artistic creation is always a reaction to, and a direct product of the time it is made in; simultaneously being a comment on, and of the era. The same is true for the...

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Labour Laws for Children

Human Rights Watch published a dispatch last Wednesday, reporting the establishing of a new policy, that prohibits children under the age of 18 from working with green toba...

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Remedying a Greek Tragedy

In a small corner of Athens in Greece, everyday, a group of migrant women gather- not to formulate protests or prepare speeches, but to teach.

Classes range from se...

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Casting out Caste

The Cochin Devaswom Board of temples recently took a huge step towards an equal India, by appointing a Dalit priest at a temple. Kuzhuppully Umesh Krishnan of Matilakam bec...

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Stopping the Red-Light District

Prostitution, called the oldest profession in the world is making new news today as questions regarding its moral, ethical and legal issues are being debated over.


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The Right to Death

The Supreme Court on Tuesday opposed the notion of allowing patients to create a 'living will'. Known as an 'advanced medical directive' in legal jargon, the bill is meant ...

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Rape as a Weapon of Destruction

Rape and sexual slavery are actively being used as means of warfare in Central African Republic, with armed forces on both sides guilty of it.

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