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Emma Watson UN speech

Emma Watson's moving speech about gender equality and the he for she campaign

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The Khabar Lahariya Story

Watch the story of a grassroots media revolution. Khabar Lahariya is local language weekly brought out entirely by women from marginalised communities in their own language and region.

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Sofia Norlin I Broken Hill Blues I Filmmakers Speak I MFF 2014

Swedish filmmaker Sofia Norlin talks about her film Broken Hill Blues and international festivals and her excitement in being a part of the Mumbai Film Festival.

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Maternal Mortality in India

Hanna Ingber Win explains her reporting project on maternal mortality in India.

In Muslim island villages, families marry off their daughters as young as 12 years old, taking them out of school, isolating them from their support services and increasing the likelihood of domestic violence and high fertility rates.

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Underwater noise - the overlooked catastrophe

Whales stranding, shoals of fish collapsing, sea turtles fleeing: extreme noise is harming marine life. Noise caused by military sonar tests, the search for oil and gas, and giant ship propellers. Help us by joining the worldwide campaign SILENT OCEANS.

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Awesome Sanitation Services for the Urban Poor #Toilets4All

"My name is Swapnil and I clean toilets for a living."

Let's talk about sanitation. #Toilets4All

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Rang De Basanti Sequel | Official Trailer |

The Ghanta Awards
Bollywood: We're coming to get you!

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The billboard that produces potable water out of air

Finally, a Billboard That Creates Drinkable Water Out of Thin Air

I've never cared much for billboards. Not in the city, not out of the city — not anywhere, really. It's like the saying in that old Five Man Electrical Band song. So when the creative director of an ad agency in Peru sent me a picture of what he claimed was the first billboard that produces potable water from air, my initial reaction was: gotta be a hoax, or at best, a gimmick.

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Breastfeeding - How to do the Side Lying Hold

Learn about various positions when breastfeeding and why a particular hold may work better for certain mothers and babies. Some mothers prefer the side lying hold, a nice restful position for mother and baby.

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Witchy Brew

In common usage, the word chudail describes an aggressive or quarrelsome woman—cou...

November 30 2019

Back to Basics: Political Organizations in India

In progress and evolution, few basics always remain fundamental to any system or organiz...

November 30 2019

Simran Puri’s Kangan

Women are equals now by law but back then it was different… The story unfolds am...

November 1 2019