Small Farmers & Climate Change

“Farmers have been adapting for centuries and so there is a lot they can already do,” wrote Vincent Vadez, principal scientist with the International Crops Researc...

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India skips mention of natural disasters at climate meet

The world is looking at India for its response to what had happened recently in Odisha and Uttarakhand due to natural disasters which were results of climatic extremes. Yet, ...

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‘Loss and damage’ : Highlight of the Warsaw climate talks

A day prior to the the formal inauguration of the U.N. climate negotiations, delegates from over 190 countries started informal parleys for setting up common positions and str...

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Industries to be paid to reduce emissions: Australian Prime Minister

Mr Tony Abbott intends to replace the tax with a Direct Action plan, whereindustries will be paid to reduce emissions.However, the bill is not expected to passthe Senate, wher...

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Has climate change contributed to cyclone Haiyan’s ferocity?

Based on the estimate by the US military’s installation on Hawaii, the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, Haiyan was the most powerful recorded cyclone to make landfall. It h...

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CSI reports highlight carbon reduction data

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) published its latest report showing remarkable CO2 emission reduc...

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UN Environment Programme states an increase in global green house gas emissions by 2020 (Emissions Gap report 2013)

The United Nations says it is “less and less likely” that global greenhouse gas emissions will be low enough by 2020 to stop the atmosphere warming beyond the inte...

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A Possible Rebirth of the Carbon Market?

Many people have voiced pessimism over an international agreement to address climate change since the 2009 climate conference in Copenhagen fell short of expectations. The lac...

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Drought followed by brain: How climate change spurred evolution of human intelligence

Scientists show shifts from dry to wet and back in East Africa’s Rift Valley caused the development of the human brain. Humans evolved their very large brains in respon...

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Why the World Bank is Taking on Climate Change

The World Bank is stepping up efforts to address greenhouse emissions and to help build resilience in vulnerable communities amid a changing climate. Click here to know more.

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Women’s Voices

The experiment of staging a selection of monologues worked well in Gujarati. In the firs...

June 21 2019

Whistling Woods International at Aiyanna 2019

Mumbai 20th June 2019:  Ingenious designs, global sensibilities, sustainable ideolo...

June 21 2019

'Jose' is Best Narrative Feature Film at KAHISH MIQFF 2019, 'The Booth' is Best Indian Narrative Short Film

Guatemalan movie 'Jose' won top honours at the 10th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer F...

June 19 2019