Green tag to keep 40% Western Ghats pristine

40% of Western Ghats to become Ecologically Sensitive Area. Read More Here

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Typhoon Bolawen hits Okinawa

A powefrful typhoon triggered landslides on a japanese island before sweeping the country’s east coast. Read More Here

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After Cyclone Phailin, Odisha fights floods in five districts

After effects of flooding caused by cyclone Phailin unsettled 20 lakh people in the affected areas. Water levels in rivers now retreating below the danger level. Read More&nbs...

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By 2047, coldest years will be warmer than hottest in past

Dr. Camilo Mora and his students at university of Hawaii suggest that the rise in emission of greenhouse gases will lead to hottest ever summers in the tropics by 2047. Read M...

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While Congress sleeps

Barack Obama offers stopgap measures to slow global warming Jun 29th 2013 | WASHINGTON, DC |From the print edition IN THE full glare of Washington’s sum...

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The East is grey

China is the world’s worst polluter but largest investor in green energy. Its rise will have as big an impact on the environment as on the world economy or politics ALL...

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Leaked Report Spotlights Big Climate Change Assessment

Why the UN’s coming fifth report on global warming is already making waves. Brian Clark Howard National Geographic Published August 20, 2013 A leaked early version o...

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Biomass, the forgotten option

Source: The Hindu Business LineAuthor: Kumar, AmitDate: 16 August 2013 It needs the support that solar and wind energy receive.India is a biomass-rich country....

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Worldwide Geoengineering Conference

After having listened to the scientists and examined the research on the destruction that Weather Modification causes, governments are ready to follow the 2010&...

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Panel to check illegal dumping in river basins

The Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board has constituted a special committee to check illegal and unscientific dumping of muck by hydropower projects and other devel...

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There she goes… changing gears and riding bikes!

Riding motorcycles have always been the ‘men’ thing. Yet, in the last few ye...

March 19 2019

‘Think beyond, solve different’, ways to end the Climate woes

The world is burning and many people across the world are seeking bolder action on clima...

March 18 2019

Children with disabilities more exposed to abuse and violence

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet spoke at a Human Rights Co...

March 15 2019