Survey: For young children, mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones now a mainstay

The vast majority of young children in the United States are using mobile devices and for much longer periods of time, with an even greater number of babies being exposed to t...

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New Global Centers in Nigeria and India Partner with Hollywood for Social Impact

India’s Bollywood and Nigeria’s Nollywood film industries are leveraging the power of entertainment in an effort to prevent disease and improve the quality of life...

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New Global Centers in Nigeria and India Partner with Hollywood for Social Impact: LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2013 — India’s Bollywood and Nigeria’s Nollywood ...

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Leo Messi’s son turns one and celebrates with UNICEF

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Leo Messi today invited his friends and fans around the world to join in celebrating the birthday of his son Thiago, who will be one year old on Sat...

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In 2000, the UN set eight goals that changed the world. They expire in 2015, what next?

AN UNCERTAIN BEGINNING Although it was several years ago, I still remember how Melinda and I felt when we learned about the Millennium Development Goals. We were hopeful, but...

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BCC aims to better position, represent women in programming

She is one of the BBC’s most senior female executives, and although this in itself wouldn’t necessarily mean that Liliane Landor is particularly concerned about wo...

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Strategic thinking seen in saas-bahu TV shows must move into boardrooms

Women directors would bring many changes to the way corporates function in India, Read more here

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Bob Barker Welcomes Elephants to San Andreas Sanctuary

Former ‘Price is right’ host Bob Barker pays nearly $1 million to rescue 3 elephants Read more here

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Screening of Sri Lanka Documentary ‘No Fire Zone’ is Halted

A rights activist being charged by authorities for showing a film about Sri Lanka’s civil war without Censorship Board approval.Read more Here

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Top 25 women of Global TV

Meet the female innovators who oversee empires, greenlight the shows that captivate millions and adapt in a rapidly changing media environment. Read More Here

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Who killed Ehsan Jafri?

Humra Quraishi recalls her memory of the Gujarat riots 2002, and asks how it can be said...

July 2 2022


Khalid Mohamed reconstructs the Rajesh Khanna he knew.Indian cinema’s first acknow...

July 1 2022


Today Aparajita Krishna is under the spell of stories of the past and present of Produce...

July 1 2022