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A New Indian Website Is Helping Sexual Assault Survivors Heal

A New Indian Website Is Helping Sexual Assault Survivors Heal

by The Daily Eye Team February 28 2017, 4:27 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 5 secs

The Internet is a curation of all things wonderful, or terrible, depending on which side of it you wander into. A group of young Indians have attempted to do their own bit, by providing a safe space for those who have experienced sexual assault or sexism in India. Consisting of a lawyer, graphic designers, and website developers, this little group developed a website called, ‘How Revealing’, that aims to break the stereotypes surrounding safety and security in India for everyone by sharing real experiences, online.
The name came up due to the reactions that normally followed any molestation charges, or a sexual assault case that blew up. Every victim’s outfit would be scrutinized, which often lead to the question, “Did you see how revealing her top was?” and then the conclusion, “No wonder she was molested!” That’s exactly what the website is out to change — people’s perspectives. The varied accounts on the site prove that it isn’t the victim’s fault; clothing is not the root cause of rape or molestation. Certain NGOs are also working towards this goal, by showing Indians that there is more to sexual assault than what the victim was wearing.


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