Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse that All Parents Need To Know

Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse that All Parents Need To Know

by The Daily Eye Team June 19 2017, 3:55 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 38 secs

As a parent, it’s normal to worry about your children. But there are definitely some situations that are more cause for concern than others. One woman recently explained in a Mumsnet discussion that she was particularly worried about her five-year-old daughter’s behavioural changes, and many people thought it sounded like the daughter may have been sexually abused. “Over the past month we have seen an alarming switch to ‘manic and aggressive’ with intrusive thoughts,” the mother wrote. “Manic meaning fidgeting constantly, running everywhere, talking nonsense, not listening or trailing off in the middle of sentences and beginning a new conversation, unable to sleep, impulsive behaviour (stealing food from others’ plates).


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