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2016′s Best Artworks – A Homegrown Roundup

2016′s Best Artworks – A Homegrown Roundup

by The Daily Eye Team January 5 2017, 3:59 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 37 secs

The end of the year is decidedly the best time to round the best things up with a nice fat zero at the end, but sometimes a double digit works just as well. This year, we decided to shine our laptop lights on a selection of Indian artists who blew us away with their creations. And we decided to wave a middle finger at the rules too. The artworks’ mediums span right across illustrations, digital photo-art and even installations, while their ‘deeper meanings’ are often up for interpretation. If the visual was striking enough to brighten the darker recesses of our minds during this increasingly terrifying year—we deemed it important enough to feature.


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