All The Single Women

All The Single Women

by The Daily Eye Team April 7 2017, 1:49 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 46 secs

Women are marrying later, marriages are breaking up faster and we now have the largest population of single women in the history of our country At the seminar organized by ShethePeople TV, the women are swapping tales about their successful start-ups—the struggles to get investment, find acceptance and assert their voice.
Then, one of them says something that unsettles me: “Be wise in your choice of whom you marry. He—and his family—will determine the success of your career.” I’m startled because surely this is 2017 and we’ve moved beyond the whole marriage-completes-women dialogue; surely these amazing start-uppers are smashing stereotypes; surely nobody at a women’s dialogue will suggest that marriage remains an inevitable life goal and success or failure at work depends on the choice of a husband (wives, of course, are expected to fall in line).


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