How Safe Are Sanitary Pads In India

How Safe Are Sanitary Pads In India

by The Daily Eye Team May 26 2017, 2:31 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 42 secs

Since only 12% of menstruating women in India use sanitary napkins, questions haven’t been raised on hygiene and safety standards and practised by the makers A woman enters the store, picks up a pack or mumbles the name of the brand she wants under her breath to the storekeeper, who proceeds to wrap the product in an old newspaper and hands it to her in a black plastic bag. She pays in awkward silence before hurriedly exiting the shop. That’s typically how a woman buys a pack of sanitary napkins in India, where the topic of menstrual hygiene is usually not discussed in genteel company, let alone in public. So how does one begin to ask questions about what goes into the making of a product that people are hesitant to even mention aloud?


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