Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare In India

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare In India

by The Daily Eye Team December 28 2016, 4:21 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 51 secs

Technology is rapidly altering how people function in their daily lives, with healthcare being at the forefront of this evolution. There have been many perceptible ways where technology has driven the success of healthcare- from microscopes, in the past to MRI machines, helming the current scenario of health centres. The main drivers of technology today and in the future, are smartphones, big data and most importantly, artificial intelligence (AI).
Technology has left a positive influence in Indian Healthcare. Given the ancient knowledge and practices, India built its system of healthcare on firm grounds of ayurveda. The modern Indian healthcare is a great mix of science with age- old medicinal practices. Advancement in science has aided healthcare evolve to a great extent, with majority of Indians embracing the use of technology and in turn, becoming more and health savvy. From researching on medical terms, to booking an appointment at a hospital, or even having a video-consultation, technology has helped Indians to be in -charge of their health.


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