#dnaEdit: Tough Choices For Sustainable Development In India

#dnaEdit: Tough Choices For Sustainable Development In India

by The Daily Eye Team April 15 2015, 4:04 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 39 secs

The National Green Tribunal’s ban on diesel cars older than 10 years in Delhi and the launch of the national air quality index, signal a new urgency as well as the implicit acceptance that air pollution has reached levels hazardous to citizens. The colour-coded index, recently launched in 10 cities, will help to inform people about multiple and serious health hazards like breathing difficulty, aggravation of asthma, respiratory illnesses. The recent government moves to seriously tackle the pollution threat could work if these measures are implemented in more cities; and the information is widely publicised through media and other tools of public communication. Unless popular pressure is mounted on the government, efforts to improve air quality will continue to be a low priority agenda.


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