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Queens of Comedy: Surpassing the Gender Stereotypes with Blunt Jokes and Bon Mots

Queens of Comedy: Surpassing the Gender Stereotypes with Blunt Jokes and Bon Mots

by Shubhangi Jena October 2 2017, 11:23 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 51 secs

Any given weekend what you grace your eyes with is more important a question than the lost archaic what you had last night for dinner. Well, we all might remember reading the quite ‘unladylike’ Radhika Vaz’s articles that always make us crack up with her unapologetically wicked sense of humor. Or Twinkle Khanna’s a.k.a Mrs. Funny Bones whose articles leave us bemused with her inherently funny and thought-provoking style of writing. But did it ever occur some way or the other why don’t we have more and more females coming forward to provoke laughter with their hilarious gags? If it ever did or for that matter makes you scratch your heads now, the headlines is TLC’s comedy hunt show Queens of Comedy. Queens of Comedy is a call for all the bad and boujee female to don their comic masks and shatter the common notion about them being sobersided all the time. So if you have been of the thought that women miss that ‘funny bone’ element then hold your horses and wait until these women quip,  slay and tickle you  to death (and of course trigger all sexists out there).

This TLC India’s reality show witnesses some stellar judges also known for their knee-slappers on different platforms- Actress Richa Chaddha and stand-up comedians Kaneez Surka, Rohan Joshi and Varun Thakur will be in their securitizing roles. Talking about the contenders, eight tyronic or amateur  stand up comedians are seen vying against each other as to whose jokes or slapstick humor can exactly go over big with the judges and the audience, of course!

The show has its own modern comedy-esque vibe to it where the rating meter beginning  with ‘K’ (read as rolling eyes and an apathetic dry look) and going all the way upto ‘LMAO’ and each rating on the scale representing the corresponding points and they also have to get  working all the way up to retain their ‘License to Kill’. The comic timings, the beat and the punch lines are absolutely flawless and what catches one’s attention is the quirky and never-seen-before theme to the stage and the show.

With their feminine style of delivery and that atypical playful yet fearless twinkle in eyes, the contestants have been packing a fiery punch and spawning such roaring guffaws and thunderous claps since the first show itself. When Saddiya Ali took the stage with her set (a sorry–not-so-sorry and feminine version of Zakir Khan’s Haq Se Single) it got some real uncontrolled laughter from the audience and Urooj Asfhaq’s creative set targeting in on India’s non-violent protest ( the most dreaded topics to be joked on)- who are setting really solid examples with their unflinching approach. Mind you, with all seriousness these women are surely going to give Varun Thakur, the host of this show, a run for his money.

Queens of Comedy makes for an engaging watch and is setting a benchmark as the emerging comedy genre in India. Finally, this is one show that has no sobbing and women are loud and unapologetically shameless, in other words, unladylike to the core.  Sorry, not sorry, again.

Watch Queens of Comedy on Sundays,10 P.M. only on TLC India.

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