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Shah Rukh Khan stresses the need for Video Literacy in India

Shah Rukh Khan stresses the need for Video Literacy in India

by Shruthi Venkatesh December 4 2018, 9:08 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 16 secs

Bollywood super-star Shah Rukh Khan says there is a need for video literacy in our country. On the first of December, while addressing a media at the ‘Mumbai 2.0’ event organised by the Government of Maharashtra along with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Shah Rukh Khan said that he wants to work towards growing video literacy in India. He said “Now I have got the opportunity to do something at least in my field from which our younger generation can learn something. I think with social media, media itself has become a larger platform than it was just with television and films whether it was Indian films or even international television.”

Shah Rukh Khan said that he desires to work towards growing video literacy in India (NewsBluntEnglish)

“Social media is making everybody media savvy and I feel we still don’t have video literacy in our country. Cinema is an audio-visual medium and our culture is mainly based on talking. We are the people who listen to music and we talk a lot in our country but we don’t give importance to a visual medium. We have poets, writers and singers but a visual medium is growing so fast all over the world.”

Shah Rukh added that one has to learn to differentiate between good and bad content. To be clearer, one must know the ethics of what is good and what is bad. He said, “When we earlier used to listen to 'Twinkle twinkle little star' poem then we used to imagine stars in front of our eyes but now everything is available on internet so, one has to learn to differentiate between good and bad content and for that, we need to have video literacy.”

The knowledge of video literacy now in the 21st century seems more relevant as the key source to most of the teen-based problems on the Internet. While one couldn’t differentiate the good and the bad, nothing could get worse. Shah Rukh said it is important to make sure the younger generation is aware about the glorious culture of the country. “I believe in archival and I feel things should be archived. We have film division in Mumbai so, I know that people are making their effort on that front but I wanted to establish an archival centre and that archival centre can develop digital content for children also.”

On work front, Shah Rukh will be seen in Anand L. Rai's ‘Zero’ followed by Mahesh Mathai's ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’ playing the role of an Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma. The new blockbusters are all set to be on screens this year.

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