The Hidden Valley Villa In Coorg Beckons True Nature Lovers This Monsoon

The Hidden Valley Villa In Coorg Beckons True Nature Lovers This Monsoon

by The Daily Eye Team June 17 2017, 4:42 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 1 sec

Tucked in a hidden valley down a winding clay road some 5 kilometres from Karnataka’s town of Madikeri (in the Coorg district) lies the Garden Farm. On the fringes of the valley is where the bungalow is placed, marking the beginning of a dense forest shading coffee plants. It is here a close-knit family has set up a sanctuary for fellow nature lovers, giving them a place where they can truly enjoy the beauty of the Coorg landscape without obtrusive power-lines and the cacophony of buses blaring Top Forty Kannada music. And if you don’t love nature, well, they don’t want you to find their guesthouse.Off The Beaten Track Even after we drove our Enfields down a long, winding forest trail with steep inclines (only jeeps and bikes can make the journey during monsoon season) and crossed a wide green valley, we could barely make out the large guest house standing 25 meters away as the view of the facade is obscured by a beautiful line of flowering trees and bushes. Basically, this valley villa could be a Pablo Escobar Bungalow, just substitute the cocaine and machine guns with a sense of true tranquility.


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