Big Switch: Teens Work on Leaving No  Footprints Behind for the Future Generations

Big Switch: Teens Work on Leaving No Footprints Behind for the Future Generations

by Shubhangi Jena July 24 2017, 6:08 pm

The world has been shedding its green skin interminably, courtesy human intervention in it’s natural process. But hitherto we were paying least attention to the lurking dangers and now that the holy mess doesn’t seem far from here-comes the Big Switch. Millennials are making efforts in the right direction. Change doesn’t demand to know your age and rightly so, teens from all parts of the world got on the bandwagon to save the world.

In the year 2015, a 15-year old teen named Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, dared to speak about the ‘future of his generation’. His speech in what is remembered till date as “waking everyone in the room” was an epically bloodcurdling talk of the reality. Martinez believes that climate change isn't just a moral issue, it's a life-or-death issue.

“What's at stake right now is the existence of my generation," he said in his speech. In order to help people, make certain decisions, Martinez and his organization, Earth Guardians, came up with a list of 50 simple things one can do to start reducing your carbon footprint.

Milton Paez, a Los Angeles’ resident writes in his article for The Vice Impact on reducing the carbon footprint by shunning the use of diesel/petrol as the fuel and switching to electric cars. In his opinion piece Milton remarks thoughtfully how the buses plying are a ‘double-edged sword’. Though they are convenient, they are spewing spun out amounts of carbon into the air.

“Asthma was so common that when I was little, I thought inhalers were toys that almost all kids -- and many adults – had. (…) Now that I am older and understand the main sources of pollution in our city, it's hard not to get on the bus without thinking "what's more important? Our health or getting around on the bus?" says Milton. The alternative he says is electricity- the clean fuel.

“For my community and the region, a lot is riding on whether Metro decides to make the shift to an all-electric bus fleet. In addition to improving air quality, electric buses could provide good, local job opportunities to this area,” adds Milton. A teenager by age, a pioneer by choice, Milton’s words and initiative call for a better future. “Make the right call, Metro. Commit to zero emission buses.”

In an interview with the Guardian, few teens belonging to different races voiced their stance about the climate change. For instance, Karina Alvarez from CA talks about her concerns and what endeavours she’s been taking. She says, “A population of 7 billion people living like me would require the resources of four planets! I was eco-friendly, by the standards of my carnivorous styrofoam-wielding family, so how could I have such a large footprint? I made the transition to a plant-based diet, edged plastics and disposables out of our home, and got more involved in the environmental justice field.”

The International Conference of Youth (COY12) is an international organization for young people who are passionate about addressing climate change. Commenting on this exciting opportunity one of the delegates said, "It is important that young people have the chance to voice their concerns about decision that will impact our future. We are looking forward to meeting like-minded youths from other countries and learning about their views on climate change." The young people are urging others to take action now to mitigate against Climate Change rather than focusing all our attention on adaptation.

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