Our Jeans Are Ruining The Planet But This Company Wants To Fix That

Our Jeans Are Ruining The Planet But This Company Wants To Fix That

by The Daily Eye Team June 23 2017, 4:07 pm

Here’s how you make the indigo that gives most denim its signature blue: like many things in peak-oil America, you start by drilling down. Extract petroleum from the earth and then subject it to high-heat, high-energy conditions in order to break it up up into its component molecules. One, called benzene, is isolated and then mixed with a host of other chemicals, including cyanide and formaldehyde. The process produces ammonia as an off-gas. “It takes over half a pound of cyanide to make a single pound of indigo,” Sarah Bellos, the CEO and founder of Stony Creek Colors, explains.
If you’re indifferent to the chemicals themselves, the way they’re synthesized might interest you — because the process is so volatile and toxic, most indigo production is outsourced to China, where, Bellos says, “it's pretty much coal or nuclear reactors that are providing the energy.


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