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Travelers: S2 –  Perfect Jetpack for the Future of Times

Travelers: S2 – Perfect Jetpack for the Future of Times

by Shubhangi Jena January 6 2018, 3:58 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 48 secs

How honestly, we wish to fly, to fly high and far into a time where everything we imagine is a promising reality, where cruising past planets is yet another sport!  With science and technology wheezing past our times at a never-before-imagined pace, we are sure to discover something even faster and cooler of course. There is no denying that time travel will soon turn out to be a palpable reality and biggest feat we ever achieve (after optimum internet speed, of course). Although ‘time travel’ is a concept that is rehashed time and again to form the prime plot for a sci-fi theme – what won’t bore us to death is the originality of the content. Like most sci-fi stories, Travelers brings to us   a mission from the future to be tackled with the future being strewn with all sorts of holy mess and getatable futuristic gears on deck for the designated mission. Travelers: S2 narrates a state of the human race writhing in some sort of hodgepodge (mind you, this is yet another dark foreboding) and the only way to rescue the people is by cruising back and forth through time.

First things first, let’s backtrack a bit and take a brief peek into Season 1. The debut of the series was all about a plummeting birth rate and how the travellers a.k.a Operatives travel back in time (from the future) to combat various issues that are crucial to mankind’s survival. Travelers was so action packed of a sci-fi thriller that it had us glued to the screen- now with Season 2 it manages to bring to our screens another exciting plot that keeps one’s interest piqued throughout (this is thoroughly binge-watch material).  

Attention back to Season 2, this time we have some more encumbrances to huddle past and a bigger team to join. Unlike Season 1, whose existence revolved solely around the completion of one mission- save mankind by hook or by crook; Season 2 is however strewn with many huddles to outflank in order to finish the mission. The cast- Grant “Mac” McLaren (Eric McCormack) leads a team that consists of Marcy (MacKenzie Porter), Carly (Nesta Cooper), Trevor (Jared Abrahamsson), and Philip Pearson (Reilly Dolman) and stays intact for Season 2; except that we leave Trevor (who is shot dead). The rest of the team is found tangled in their woebegone worries and this time round extra focus and screen time is given to each key player’s story. The inclusion of more team members makes for the much needed fresher add-ons and the  best part about this story is that there isn’t too much of science (for the muggles). As if all these reasons weren’t enough to gravitate towards your device and start looking up for the show, the biggest convincing factor is Eric McCormack. Yes, you read that right (incase a star performer was that extra reason you needed), his acting sorta steals the limelight and depicts the credibility of the production team instantly.

True to their words, Travelers Season 2 is here to create a wreck through its story- beware of the appalling truth lying inside the fiction. For now, all we need is a popcorn tub and binge watching to finish the mission.

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