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Shabana Azmi: 'The empowerment of women is important'

Shabana Azmi: 'The empowerment of women is important'

by The Daily Eye Team May 2 2014, 10:49 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 47 secs

Shabana Azmi has said violence against women should not be tolerated. The actress was speaking at a discussion forum about female empowerment at the recent IIFA awards, in Tampa Bay, Florida, “Despite the presence of women everywhere it is sad that female foeticide is practised in India, not only in rural areas but in cities like Delhi, Mumbai,” she explained. “I think women empowerment is important and GDP of a country should be measured to the degree to women being educated.” “One should look deep within ourselves… we should give equal opportunity to a boy and girl. We should talk to our maid or helper whether their kids especially girls are getting educated or not,” the actress added. The actress and human rights campaigner recently staged an all male fashion show to raise funds for an NGO founded by her father, the late Kaifi Azmi.

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