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When R.D. Burman met the Jazzman

Edited excerpts from the book Louis Banks: A Symphony of Love by Ashis Ghatak

As a young ...

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Call of the Valley

A photo-essay by Ashis Ghatak: On the placid side of Kashmir and its infallibly hospitable mountain folk.

Takes tea to tango

A photo-essay by Ashis Ghatak on his tea-tasting spree ...

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The Varanasi mystique

A photo-essay by Ashis Ghatak, vivifying how the winter sets in on the holy city of Varanasi, on the banks of the River Ganges...

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Children of the Mountains

A photo-essay by the itinerant Ashis Ghatak on the spirit of the children who live and learn among the mountain valleys.


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Have camera, will travel

Itinerant photographer, Ashis Ghatak, writes on the myriad pleasures of travel photography