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Salman Khurshid’s ‘Triple Talaq: Examining Faith’ - A straightforward yet comprehensive view of a complicated issue?

I’m here and writing about Former Minister of External Affairs and Indian National Congress party leader,...

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Meet Barnali Ray Shukla; A Writer, Director and Poet

Barnali Ray Shukla dons many hats – that of a writer-director, a documentary filmmaker and a poet. She has worked in movies like <...

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Joining Hands with the Kids of Lakhisarai

Place: Lakhisarai, Bihar, India

The Film: Soch Sauchalay

Lakhisarai is a place which has two lifestyles i.e. rural and urban. It is a religious centre for H...

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The Little Gems of Nonpur


Place: Nonpur Begusarai, Bihar, India

The Film: Master ki class

In Begusarai I was in the place called Nonpur. Nonpur is a small village wher...

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Young Wild and Free – The Filmmakers of Tomorrow

Place: Saidpur Slums Patna, Bihar, India

The film: The Story of Kacharapur

Saidpur Slums in Patna is a place which has a dense population liv...

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Little Directors of Nawada shoot for the Stars

Place: Nawada, Bihar, India

The film: Swachhata Ki Khoj

Nawada is a town in the westernmost district of the Magadh division in Bihar. Nawada distr...

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Dr Noorjehan Safia Niaz – Leading Muslim Women In India To The Heart Of The Discourse On Triple Talak

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Story-Mining At Ambejogai - EkalMahilaSanghatan by CORO

Vinta Nanda of the Asian Center for Entertainment Education (ACEE) was invited by CORO to attend the Single Women’s Conference on Saturday and Sunday, March 25 and 26...

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"The Fun Is When Despite All Odds You Are Able To Tell Your Story" - Shafaq Khan, Filmmaker Of Launda Naach, Shares Her Journey.

Shafaq Khan, director of Launda Naach, chatted with Kopal Khanna, Head of communications at Asian Center for Entertainment Education, and spoke about her passions, backgrou...

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Change Makers: Using Entertainment Education For Social Change

Change Makers: Using Entertainment Education for Social Change

Asian Center for Entertainment Education and its flagship program The Third Eye, in association with ...

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