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Lost And Found

Film historian Dhruv Somani, rediscovers the prolific actor-producer Rajan Sippy of the 1980s, to engage him in a conversation...

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Is patriotism just another prop for the Ad-biz?

Is nothing sacred in today's crazy clutter-breaking-obsessed-times, wonders an amused Monojit Lahiri 

Soumitra Chatterjee: A Filmmaker Remembers

In a freewheeling conversation with Anuradha Warrier, critically-acclaimed director Suman Ghosh talks about his forthcoming bo...

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Sign of the times: Helpless Spectators

I wish I was a poet - with that, I could have unleashed my anguish and anger in verse, writes Humra Quraishi

Fast and Furious: Varun Inamdar

A secret I have to reveal, if I must go forward with this interview with Varun Inamdar, is that my bedtime stor...

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Patterns of Good Faith

On the occasion of Navroze, the Parsi New Year, a photo-feature by Ashwini Ashok Sood, on the auspicious Parsi Chalk designs Read More

Khushwant Singh: Salaam to the Sardaar

Humra Quraishi writes about the many conversations she had with Sardaar Khushwant Singh. 

Guru Dutt: A Life Interrupted

Humra Quraishi observes from the auteur Guru Dutt’s life, how fragile artists are when they’re possessed by their ...

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Yesteryear’s Legends Emerge Favourites on the Web World

The living legend, Lata Mangeshkar, has scored the highest number of likes and followers across generations, on the plethora of socia...

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Subhash Ghai celebrates his Birthday with Gen Next

Birthday is a momentous occasion. Most people crave for an exclusive birthday - one that they can cherish forever. Merrymaking and being wit...

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