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Silence: The language of God

A piece of appreciation of Martin Scorsese’s 2016 epic historical drama Silence, by Berges Santok


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When men change and repent: Cinema of Kenji Mizoguchi

Men are at loose ends without women to enslave, to desire, to abandon. Sharad Raj explores why the director is forgiving of th...

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India's soft power - the unrealized potential

Where does India stand in the latest rankings on leveraging its soft power, asks Amit Khanna

Seema Kohli: From the canvas of her life and art

Aparajita Krishna deep dives to Seema Kohli’s work and brings to you her thoughts, which influence her art.

Vanishing Act II: Bollywood actresses who disappeared

Film historian, Dhruv Somani, pens a sequel to his study on the actresses who retreated into the shadows

In Exile: The last years of M.F. Husain

Khalid Mohamed rewinds to an interview with M.F. Husain, the peerless artist, who had to spend his end-years jet-hopping betwe...

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When the necktie was described in Hindi as Kant-Lungoth

“They were there

You thought- always in your care

But they grew...

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Such a curious Journey: Raj More, from mimicry shows to National Award-winning Artist

His artworks are tongue-in-cheek comments – on subjects ranging from demonetisation and political unrest to the vice-like grip of Bollywo...

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Trust Deficit

A lack of confidence pummels institutions, sours relationships.

Trust is one of the cornerstones ...

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Cultural Entrepreneurship in India

India’s cultural heritage goes back over 5000 years even before the much discussed Indus Valley Civilization. Since the advent of recorded history there is enough evi...

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