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Khalid Mohamed pens a tribute to the peerless artist, printmaker and art teacher Lalitha Lajmi, who passed away last Monday. Read More

Art of Lines & Commas

Khalid Mohamed in conversation with Ashok Namdeo Hinge, calligrapher, graphic designer and abstractionist, we...

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Art Passion

Khalid Mohamed in conversation with poet-photographer-artist, Amit Kumbhar, for whom art counts way more than fame or mon...

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Aparajita Krishna tells you all about the tall, handsome actor Kanwaljit Singh in this unputdownable interview with him.


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The Rekha Mystique

Khalid Mohamed escorts us back to an up-close-and-personal interview with the eternally enigmatic Rekha

When Atul Met the Movies

Khalid Mohamed in conversation with India’s prime, contemporary artist, Atul Dodiya, on his unbreakable bond with art an...

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Sita Rattan: Her blue and yellow moments

Vinta Nanda visits Sita Rattan’s canvases and explores the well of consciousness that she draws out her art from.


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Where art thou?

Khalid Mohamed in conversation about the limitless forms of art with the 23-year-old artist, Adyot Rajadhyaksha, who debuted a...

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Brush with controversy

Khalid Mohamed recalls the needless controversy stirred up by a M.F.Husain artwork of Lord Ganesha, although his canvases, lim...

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Seema Kohli: From the canvas of her life and art

Aparajita Krishna deep dives to Seema Kohli’s work and brings to you her thoughts, which influence her art.