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The Shalimar Adventure

Film historian Dhruv Somani rewinds to the 1978 heist thriller, the international co-production Shalimar, as its charismatic h...

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No Country For Minorities

Humra Quraishi points out the double standards adopted by the state when dealing with minorities in India.

Religious Festivals: Sponsored or Reality Shows?

Today, as we once again step into puja mode in this year of 2022, do we feel somewhere, somehow, a change in the puja celebrations, wonders Monojit Lahiri....

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Move over Amish. With the innovatively titled ‘Sati Series’, Koral Dasgupta is providing a much-welcome lens through which to look ...

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Hijab: The divisive agenda 2022

Humra Quraishi looks closely at the systematic way in which the Right-wing groups are deepening divisions between the Hindu an...

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Meet Vibha Batra, the compulsive writer

When you meet someone who has done so much work in such a short span of time, you cannot help but be intrigued, writes Vinta Nanda Read More

The Manipur Man: Bijoykumar Tayenjam

Bijoykumar Tayenjam is an author, a poet and a civil engineer in Imphal, Manipur, writes Vinta Nanda

Sign of the times: So far from God!

Humra Quraishi discusses the definite background to the sorry state of affairs in Afghanistan.

Solace in Solitude

Khalid Mohamed expresses his gratitude for the abiding presence of the therapeutic voice of Lata Mangeshkar during the anxiety...

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Where there is no will, there is violence

Humra Quraishi talks about how polarisation in grassroots India, by the use of state machinery...

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