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A Conversation With Freny Manecksha

Freny Manecksha brings stories from Bastar and Kashmir in her latest book Flaming Forest Wounded Valley. She gets into a conversation with Read More


Are SRK and Virat with their luxurious 10-star lifestyle, more worthy than the real champions of change, dedicated to show the light to the neg...

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Making Magic: Nilakshi Sengupta

Vinta Nanda time travels with Nilakshi Sengupta, the author of the book series, TINA AND HER MAGIC KETTLE

The Little Time Machine of Arambol, Goa

In a small part of Goa called Arambol lays a quiet and peaceful wellness retreat called Read More

Salman Khurshid’s ‘Triple Talaq: Examining Faith’ - A straightforward yet comprehensive view of a complicated issue?

I’m here and writing about Former Minister of External Affairs and Indian National Congress party leader,...

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How far can humanity Advance?

You get grades in school and promotions at work but ever wonder how a civilizations performance is measured? The Kardashev scale is a method of measurin...

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Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management In Collaboration With UNAOC Launched The First-Ever Unity In Diversity Peace Garden In Mumbai

The Shahani Group and Global Dialogue Foundation Australia, in collaboration with UN Alliance of Civilizations and NGO DPI, launched Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society,...

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Why Mahesh Bhatt Worked on Hamari Adhuri Kahani Without Remuneration

“I didn’t take a penny for my work on Hamari Adhuri Kahani!”– Mahesh Bhatt

A Klee painting named &lsqu...

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Athena Ashton’s Topical New Play ‘The Missionary Position!!’ To Be Staged In India

Theatre NW1 London

        Athena Ashton’s Topical New Play ‘The Missionary Position!!&rsquo...

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Climate change led to the fall of great civilisations

Scientists probe ancient barley to understand the impact of climate on early farming societies Civilisations thrived only when there was proper rain and water was available...

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