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Manojit Lahiri takes you on a fascinating journey where hamlet and omelet often clash!


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Religious Festivals: Sponsored or Reality Shows?

Today, as we once again step into puja mode in this year of 2022, do we feel somewhere, somehow, a change in the puja celebrations, wonders Monojit Lahiri....

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Is a woman incomplete if she's not a mother?

Monojit Lahiri unfolds a poignant real life story of how a student of his overcame society’s regressive gaze upon her be...

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Does art have a religion?

Recently there was a row over a Muslim Dancer named Mansiya, not being allowed to perform at a Kerala temple. Artists from various fields discu...

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Shreejith Mohan wins KASHISH 2022 poster contest

South Asia’s biggest LGBTQIA+ film festival to be held June 1-5, 2022, reports The Daily Eye Newsdesk.

War Zone

Here’s a selection by film historian, Dhruv Somani, of our war movies, which have left a lasting impression on him.


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Bigotry threatens India’s Constitution

To defend India, we must protect the idea of India as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, and BR Ambedkar envisioned it, writes  Read More

How to go bonkers

Khalid Mohamed reviews Bollywood’s alleged ghost story Roohi, the Tamil super surprise packet Mandela… and the co...

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Easter Reflections

Christians share their reflections with Monarose Sheila Pereira, this Easter. Over to them...

Sign of the times: The Mahatma and the Frontier Gandhi

February 6 was Khan Abdul Ghaffar’s Khan birth anniversary; he was born in 1890 in Utmanzai, Pakistan, writes Humra Quraishi Read More