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Today, Humra Quraishi talks about why she will pray namaz but will not celebrate Eid.


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Satyabrata Ghosh explores why audiences at large today prefer to watch a franchise of a spy universe over a modern fairty-tale...

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Dr. Ajanta Dutt highlights the pathos of a friendship between two boys - an unusual story, Dostojee, filmed in the backdrop of...

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The Silenced Valley

Can bringing Cinema to the Kashmir Valley settle the wounds and trauma? No, says Humra Quraishi 

Speak, for your lips are still free…

As Eid-ul-Fitr is to  be  observed next week, let me write about one of my earlier meetings with the late Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami, w...

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Reasons For My Angry Song

\Humra Quraishi recalls the days of the past when the Muslims didn’t live in fear and the Hindus were kind, courteous an...

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All about flesh and blood

Humra Quraishi responds to the unnecessary hungama surrounding Halal, a noise not sparing even Haldiram’s Falahari Packe...

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Evolution of Pakistani TV Shows– Part 2

After receiving a great response on the first episode of Read More

A Fragmented Sky

Through her memories, Farah Diba Israfil encapsulates the pre-and-post-COVID eras, the recent and the deep past of Indian cult...

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Adil Hussain: The Uncrowned Czar of independent cinema

Sharad Raj walks you through his experience of working with the actor par excellence Adil Hussain.