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A Conversation With Freny Manecksha

Freny Manecksha brings stories from Bastar and Kashmir in her latest book Flaming Forest Wounded Valley. She gets into a conversation with Read More

Pre-Partition Punjab’s Contribution To Indian Cinema

Professor Ishtiaq Ahmed delves deep into the Partition phase. And here comes in focus the leading artists and creative folk who had to shift base from Lahore, writes Read More

Life at the Margins: Akash Ongshoto Meghla

Joydeep Mukherjee’s intensely political directorial debut is a haunting look at life in a metropolis. Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri...

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‘You Want Crorepati Glasses?’

It’s everywhere, on the streets, in living rooms, on cellphones and endorsement billboards. Khalid Mohamed writes on the...

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To be a good artist, first be a good person.

Humra Quraishi revisits conversations with the danseuse Sitara Devi and writer Mani Sankar Mukherji and draws comparisons - th...

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Winds of Change in Uttar Pradesh

Subhashini Ali analyses the political scenario in Uttar Pradesh, soon going to elections, and finds that the winds of change seem imminent.


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The Poetry of the Quotidian of Aki Kaurismäki

Vandana Kumar writes, “To think of Finnish cinema, is to think of Aki Kaurismäki. Apparently, this perception isn&r...

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Facts about Indian Muslims

Humra Quraishi leans on facts and figures to draw a picture of the state of the Muslim community in India.

Bully Bai and the mainstreaming of hate

Humra  Quraishi questions hate politics and the utter disregard for the Constitution of India by the fringe that is being...

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Mobilizing against child malnutrition

A child born at the start of 2020 was less likely to become malnourished than a child born at the turn of the Millennium.