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Lost And Found

Film historian Dhruv Somani, rediscovers the prolific actor-producer Rajan Sippy of the 1980s, to engage him in a conversation...

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Hamari Amita: Critic who called the shots

Khalid Mohamed remembers the super-feisty Amita Malik who was described by Time magazine as “the most prominent film and...

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Desperately Seeking Kim

Film historian Dhruv Somani, tracks down Kim who had vanished from the Bollywood scene, for an exclusive, freewheeling chat-fe...

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Where art thou?

Khalid Mohamed in conversation about the limitless forms of art with the 23-year-old artist, Adyot Rajadhyaksha, who debuted a...

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Review: Searching for ‘Happiness’

Originating from a conversation with his seven-year-old daughter, Suman Ghosh’s new film is an ode to the city of Kolkata, writes Read More

Right at the Centre: Anuradha SenGupta

Anuradha SenGupta’s introduction of herself as a professional, best summarizes her writes Aparajita Krishna  Read More

Where Eagles Dare

People are experiences and experiences make interesting stories, says Yashika Begwani to me, writes Read More

My city, my friend

Khalid Mohamed in a chat fest with Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officer at the Ogilvy ad agency, on his passion for st...

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Is Conscious AI & Smart Robots Possible?

Even the most advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have no real understanding of what they are really doing, writes Dr. Anurag...

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VERSA India will be a fifty-fifty joint venture between VERSA and Mogaé Consultants, owned by Sandeep & Tanya Goyal. Read More