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DIVYA SETH SHAH: Actor for a Lifetime!

Aparajita Krishna is in this free-wheeling conversation with actor Divya Seth – packing her life, friends, family and ca...

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Women and Welfare

Humra Quraishi’s commentary today views welfarism and how it has gone wrong in India because it was applied only after p...

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After the critical success of Seasons Greetings, Ram Kamal Mukherjee is back with a loving ode to that hoary Kolkata institution - the hand-pul...

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More than a woman: Gajra Kottary

Vinta Nanda grabs an opportunity to talk to author and screenwriter Gajra Kottary about her work and also her latest release N...

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Signs of the time: The Trolley Times

No New Years greetings from me to you. There is little to celebrate, writes Humra Quraishi

What do you wish for Christmas?

Various professionals speak to Monarose Sheila Pereira, and share their Christmas wishes.

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Bansi Kaul: Rang Bansi!

He is the chronicler of the theatre of clowns, acrobats, painted faces and laughter, writes Aparajita Krishna

Kashish 2020 goes Virtual

First major film festival in India to go online completely with a full-festival lineup of new LGBTQIA+ films from across the world

Considering that the city, the na...

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A touch of class

Review of Season’s Greetings, a short film which probes sexual identities

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Mumbai Youth Write Love Letters To The Elderly In A Thane Old Age Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be considered the most romantic day of the year for some, but for others it becomes the loneliest. While young couples spend their day enjoying pa...

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