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Srijit Mukherji: A Filmmaker at a Crossroad

Three releases in a month, a fourth lined up. Is Srijit Mukherji spreading himself too thin? Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri ...

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The Making of Amruta Subhash

Aparajita Krishna writes, “Amruta Subhash was cradled by very strong creative influences. Mother Jyoti Subhash (nee Desh...

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Salty and Spicy

Film historian Dhruv Somani marvels at Gulzar’s women-centric flavored Namkeen (1982).

Manasi Rachh: In the Spotlight

Aparajita Krishna traces actor, model Manasi Rachh’s interesting journey across theatre, films and now web-series.


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Hate mongering and dreamy love songs

Humra Quraishi asks us how we can participate in assemblies of pleasure and write dreamy love songs, in this atmosphere of vio...

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And a New Year is about to begin…

It is the good times of the past that inspire us to look forward to the coming year, for there is little in the events of 2021 that give any co...

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Sardar Udham: The Shadow Man

Satyabrata Ghosh explains why the film Sardar Udham should be watched to fathom what undying love for one’s own country ...

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Sagar Sawarkar & the Indian Idol Connect!

Aparajita Krishna travels with Sagar Sawarkar’s musical journey and shares her experience with us.

They go to die there, where there is life

Humra Quraishi veers to the bard, Gulzar’s verse written by him in the times of the pandemic.

Signs of the times: You’re changing

Humra  Quraishi wonders if the bleak days will continue with new strains of the corona and the communal virus spreading.<...

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