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Facts about Indian Muslims

Humra Quraishi leans on facts and figures to draw a picture of the state of the Muslim community in India.

Mein hoon PIO!

Farrukh Dhondy observes Indian media in foreign countries and the hype it creates over events there, however, concluding that ...

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The Journalist and the storyteller: Sujata S Sabnis

Everybody is talking about Sujata S Sabnis’ latest book Blood on the Sands, writes Vinta N...

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Winter flight to India

A photo-essay by avid bird watcher Kishor Joshi, on the winter flight of rare species of birds to India

Bansi Kaul: Rang Bansi!

He is the chronicler of the theatre of clowns, acrobats, painted faces and laughter, writes Aparajita Krishna

Zen and the art of Sanjay Chhel

Vinta Nanda goes on a roller coaster ride with Writer, Director, Artist, Lyricist, Columnist a...

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Ashton Kutcher donates $4 Million to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund

If you have ever heard of Ellen DeGeneres ( you've never heard of Ellen? Where have you been for the last coupl...

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MoE rolls out Guidelines to save Flying Birds

Wind turbines and their associated infrastructure — notably power lines and towers — are among the ...

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AGNIPARIKSHA: An Ordeal Remembered

Orient Blackswan released the English translation of eminent lawyer and Gandhian Read More

Headless Women of Hollywood

A movie poster featuring a group of men framed by JUST a woman’s legs or bust or any other body part, except the head and/or face is a co...

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