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Humra  Quraishi writes about Khushwant Singh, who was far sighted and told her, before he passed away in 2014, that he wa...

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Today, Humra Quraishi talks about why she will pray namaz but will not celebrate Eid.


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The Silenced Valley

Can bringing Cinema to the Kashmir Valley settle the wounds and trauma? No, says Humra Quraishi 

Distorted to Divide

Humra Quraishi comments about the distortion of Indian History and the caste, class and religious divides it seeks to indulge....

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M K RAINA: A salutation and exploration

Again and this one is vast - Aparajita Krishna walks you through the life of social activist and actor MK Raina. So far, so, s...

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Clicking London

Vatsal Shah’s photo-essay set in the British capital, where the only constant is change.

UN experts urge States to ‘stem the tide of hate and discrimination’

Marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination several top UN officials and human rights expe...

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New Zealand PM vows to tighten gun laws after Christchurch massacre

Over 49 people were dead and more injured in the mass shootings at the Christ Church mosques in New Zealand, killing people aged from 3 –...

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Haidar Ali @70 & His Familial Film Heritage: A Treasure Trove

Voter-India ought to be voting Nirbhaya (unafraid) in 2018/ 2019 also for the freedom of Film India, Fashion In...

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Jay-walking In London

Khurrum Rahman’s excellent debut novel, East Of HounslowRead More