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Today, Humra Quraishi talks about why she will pray namaz but will not celebrate Eid.


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Unholy Propaganda

As the debate on the Uniform Civil Code rages, Humra Quraishi clears the many misconceptions there are floating around, about ...

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No Country For Minorities

Humra Quraishi points out the double standards adopted by the state when dealing with minorities in India.

People Of Aligarh

Although the word ‘Aligarh’ shoots up images of only the University, there is more to that town, writes Humra Quraishi Read More

Reasons For My Angry Song

\Humra Quraishi recalls the days of the past when the Muslims didn’t live in fear and the Hindus were kind, courteous an...

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All about flesh and blood

Humra Quraishi responds to the unnecessary hungama surrounding Halal, a noise not sparing even Haldiram’s Falahari Packe...

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Double standards… all the way!

Humra Quraishi goes over the many events of recent past in which it is getting clearer by the day that the discrimination agai...

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Sign of the times: The War Within

Humra Quraishi explains the position of Muslim minorites in ‘new’ India and meets VK Tripathi and M. Y. Tarigami t...

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Joy of Acting

Khalid Mohamed talks shop and more with Ali Fazal, who has wowed audiences with a wide range of films like Fukrey and Victoria...

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Sign of the times: Silencing Zillennials

Humra Quraishi expresses anguish at the systematic crushing of dissent among the young generations today.