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Replacing his film journo’s cap for the Ad-man’s hat, Monojit Lahiri explores the hidden virtues of love as a bran...

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Is patriotism just another prop for the Ad-biz?

Is nothing sacred in today's crazy clutter-breaking-obsessed-times, wonders an amused Monojit Lahiri 

Hey Guys, give brand LOVE a chance!

Catalyst, hidden persuader or gentle, deceptive brand statement, LOVE, Monojit Lahiri insists, is much more than a 4-letter wo...

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Good cricket but the joie de vivre is missing

Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiancee Dhanashree Verma cheering at RCB games has been amongst the most uplifting moments of the Dubai IPL, writes Read More

Dhoni and Virat: The Heroes of IPL 2020

The Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) ran a telephonic survey to checkout recall of bran...

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Taller with the UNDP Award: Sonu Sood

Sood joins the likes of Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson and Liam Neeson who have received UN recognition; Priyank...

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Farm Bills: Exciting times for advertising

All the politics around them notwithstanding, the new Farm Bills could open up an entirely new domain of work for advertising and media. Read More

Second Innings: MS Dhoni

It was an unforgettable sunset at 19:29 hours on Independence Day, writes Sandeep Goyal, Read More

Undekhi: Plain Vanilla, Distasteful Hype

Dr Sandeep Goyal says that SonyLiv's latest thriller offering Undekhi, has landed itself in an unenviable soup of its own maki...

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Minus ‘Fair’ will Fair & Lovely lose its raison d'être?

Carol Goyal explores if a change in brand name results in the death of a brand

HUL’s announcement th...

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