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Family Ties

Film historian Dhruv Somani salutes the Kapoors, the first family of Indian cinema.

Business culture, work environments are usually based on hierar...

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The Women of the Farmers Agitation

Subhashini Ali writes about the Women farmers’ parliament - a parliament that the government is determined to keep ordin...

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Now, over to a Slumtiger Millionaire

Khalid Mohamed reviews the so-so The White Tiger, is impressed by Zid Ki Jeet and thumbs up the golden oldie Indiscreet. Read More

SMM AUSAJA: Keeper Of Our Cine-Heritage & Memorabilia

SMM AUSAJA, our man in the frame, deserves not just this mere article, but perhaps books on him writes Aparajita Krishna.


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Just Carry on: Ebrahim Alkazi

Aparajita Krishna walks you through the life and times of Ebrahim Alkazi; also what it was, that he meant to Indian Theatre.

Of Silent Havelis

Ashok Sood’s photo-feature on the gorgeous havelis of Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, which like other tourist hubs of India, will...

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Yosemite: A Travelogue

Bhooma Sundararajan transports you to Yosemite and brings you back from an exhilarating journey from there.

Rebellion of James Ferreira

Khalid Mohamed profiles the pioneering designer James Ferreira, who has double-tasked as a warrior to preserve the two-centuries-old, Portugues...

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“One can keep wondering about the why’s and the wherefores, but eventually it all boils down to the simple fact that we are not as ...

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Well-behaved women rarely make history

Mona Ambegaonkar is an Indian film and television actress. She has featured in over 15 plays, 18 feature films, 38 T...

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