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Winter flight to India

A photo-essay by avid bird watcher Kishor Joshi, on the winter flight of rare species of birds to India

Bansi Kaul: Rang Bansi!

He is the chronicler of the theatre of clowns, acrobats, painted faces and laughter, writes Aparajita Krishna

Have camera, will travel

Itinerant photographer, Ashis Ghatak, writes on the myriad pleasures of travel photography

Richard Gere: In Conversation

This is the 30th year of the global hit Pretty Woman. Khalid Mohamed pulls out excerpts from an exclusive interview with Richa...

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A star is born on a boat during COVID-19 lockdown

As the Dhemaji medical team proceeded to conduct a health camp at Pakhoriguri sapori (island village) they are stopped by a few villagers, &ldq...

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Gift of the garb

Meet Sonam Dubal, a fashion designer of New Delhi, who won’t sacrifice his happiness to become an A-lister

Point of View: From Streets to Table

Nothing reflects a culture as its cuisine. Here’s a perspective on India’s food culture....

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The Alchemy of Fear, Superstition and why India should be led by a Coalition Government?

The Modi-led BJP came to power in 2014, after three decades that any political party of India got a majority in...

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Jackie Chan's Helping Hand to the Blind

Jackie Chan recently launched an operation in collaboration with the Beijing Tongren Opthalmology Department to help visually-impaired Tibetans undergo surgical procedures....

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The hills, they are burning elsewhere too…

Can you imagine a world without any shops or cars? Where the streets are empty except when a herd of people shouting slogans pass by the town square twice every day. A shor...

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