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Nidravatwam: Between sleep and wakefulness

Janaky Sreedharan believes Nidravatwam was a brilliant initiation into the language and aesthetics of theater conceptualized b...

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The Unpretentious Star

She was the underdog of her time. Yes, Reena Roy was one of the top actresses who let her work talk rather than her other activities, writes Read More

Mahishasur Marddini: Endless Night…

Filmmaker Ranjan Ghosh speaks to Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri about his soon-to-be-released film…

The art of Gaganendranath Tagore

At the height of darkness comes the first stirrings of dawn - a renaissance in the arts, literature and social life. It is against this backdro...

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Adil Hussain: The Uncrowned Czar of independent cinema

Sharad Raj walks you through his experience of working with the actor par excellence Adil Hussain.

The Austere Ascetic

Sharad Raj visits the 1983 French film L’Argent (Money) and deconstructs the genius of the filmmaker Robert Bresson.&...

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Hello Jyoti Kapoor!

Aparajita Krishna takes a tour with Jyoti Kapoor, the young film-writer (story, screenplay, dialogue) who carries in her petit...

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The Legend Of Bhai Dooj

In this piece adapted from hearsay, Vinta Nanda writes that Bhai Dooj also has a story to follow.

For Hind...

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Anwesha Arya: The Miracle Woman

In times when many of Bollywood boys and girls are under the scanner, Vinta Nanda interviews Anwesha Arya &nd...

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The Master: Soumitra Chatterjee on Satyajit Ray

Even under the uncertainty facing the world at large, following the outbreak of Covid-19, a valiant bid is on in Kolkata to celebrate the cente...

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