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Those Fashion Classics

Khalid Mohamed sizes up Hollywood’s retro-chic, which continues to be the stuff that timeless fashion statements are mad...

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Tale of Two Cities

A photo-essay by Ashish Ghatak on the striking parallels between Mumbai and his hometown Kolkata.

Close Encounters with Rekha

On her 66th birthday, Khalid Mohamed writes on the eternal mystique of Rekha.

It’s ...

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Rebellion of James Ferreira

Khalid Mohamed profiles the pioneering designer James Ferreira, who has double-tasked as a warrior to preserve the two-centuries-old, Portugues...

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Gift of the garb

Meet Sonam Dubal, a fashion designer of New Delhi, who won’t sacrifice his happiness to become an A-lister

Aiyanna 2018 - Young Prodigies showcase Ingenious Designs at the WWI School of Fashion’s Graduation Fashion Show

Stylish, edgy fad, fuelled with fun and excitement were afloat as the students presented their upbeat collectio...

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Mumbai-based designer wins KASHISH 2018 International Poster Contest

The KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival has chosen the look for the Read More


Critic’s Rating : 3.5 Star.
Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Miranda Hart. Read More


This collection of 6 pieces has been specially designed for the Ramp for Champs show being presented by the Smile Foundation to raise funds for the education of less privil...

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Saaj: A Celebration of the Ethno-aesthetic Expression of Maharashtrian with Socio-developmental Goals

Maharashtra, the magnificent state which boasts a vibrant and cosmopolitan identity with an illustrious history, diverse culture and fiercely p...

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