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Care Leavers Speak Up

Augustine Veliath tells about Care Leavers and also explains what we need to do to support them.

Panel Discussion on 'New technologies and emerging forms of Storytelling' at Elevate 2K18

Dr. Shravan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture moderated a panel discussion with Augustine Veliath, Co-founder, ACEE and Lee Ritson, Co-founder, Haylo Media on how...

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Salman Khurshid’s ‘Triple Talaq: Examining Faith’ - A straightforward yet comprehensive view of a complicated issue?

I’m here and writing about Former Minister of External Affairs and Indian National Congress party leader,...

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Elevate 2K18 – Deep Gratitude!

It was our great pleasure to welcome all our guests to Elevate 2K18 which is Asian Centre for Entertainment Edu...

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The Little Directors of Dr Shravan Kumar

Dr. Shravan Kumar, CEO, Children’s Film Society, India says,“Our concept of Little Directors has been one of the most unique experiments anywhere in the wor...

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Short Film ‘If I Am Born’ turns into a Campaign


Asian Centre for Entertainment Education’s (ACEE) recent endeavors, after the launch of ACEE Studios’ has stirred up quite the buzz on social med...

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Hear The Poor Cry

A Very significant document has come out. It is a letter from Pope Francis addressed to everyone on this planet.

Pope Francis is head of the world’s largest r...

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Women’s Day– Three Key Words For The Year

By Augustine Veliath

On this International Women’s Day I have a sense of accomplishment.

I was part of an event Elevate 2015 in Mum...

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7 Unasked Questions On A Ban

Augustine Veliath

India’s Daughter was banned. Let us look at seven unasked questions in this debate. Was banning the film a knee jerk reac...

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Habits of Highly Humanistic Doctors

Even in these times of highly commercialized health care you might still come across doctors and physicians who are humanistic.

How are they different?

I re...

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