About Us

The Daily Eye is a unique offering of contemporary and relevant content with specially curated human interest and other stories of social relevance to inspire Creative Communities of the world of Media and Entertainment and motivate them to enrich their works with facts and realism.

The Daily Eye Team sources the latest socially relevant news from the national and international film industries with special focus on the philanthropic activities of the Bollywood and Hollywood stars, along-with the most significant happenings worldwide through Film Festivals as also in Alternative Entertainment which covers Independent Films, Music, Dance and Theatre that has definite impact on their audiences.

Stories that inform of the latest developments in Health, Sustainable Development, Environment, Gender, and Human Rights seek to motivate and inspire the readers. 

The Daily Eye Team is interdisciplinary in nature and is a mix of In- house and Guest contributors.


Vinta Nanda- Managing Editor.
Vinta Nanda, Managing Director, Asian Center for Entertainment Education (ACEE), leads strategy for The Third Eye 2.0 processes, and writes on contemporary issues, mainly about where media and entertainment intersect with social issues.


Augustine Veliath- Communications Expert.
Augustine Veliath, Co-founder, Director, ACEE, writes on contemporary social and development issues with special focus on child rights.


Deepa Bhalerao- Associate Editor and Curator.
Deepa Bhalerao, Director of Programs, The Third Eye program, sources stories on Health and Gender from the world wide web that are relevant to readers,supervises content consolidation and writes on issues of social development with special focus on health and societal trends. She prepares reports for the various activities that the program undertakes, and gives them the edge to make them effective to the creative processes of writers, producers and directors.


Shiv Bhalla- Associate Editor and Curator.
Shiv Bhalla, Creative Director at The Third Eye program, gives vision to the digital presence of the program, and writes copy for the digital platforms. He also sources stories on Sustainable Development and Environment from the worldwide web that are of relevance to readers. He writes on issues that are pertinent to the times that define us.


Kopal Khanna - Associate Editor and Curator.
Kopal Khanna, Head of Communications, sets procedures for the website and news portal that are in consonance with contemporary issues. She also constructs the wireframe for a process which streamlines content for The Daily Eye. She also sources stories on Gender, Alternate Entertainment and social relevant from the worldwide web that are of relevance to readers. She writes on issues that are pertinent to the times that define us.


Rinki Roy Bhattacharya- Columnist.
Rinki Roy Bhattacharya writes the column Retroscope which traces the portrayal of women in Indian Cinema as well as stories on the contemporary art paradigm.


 Piroj Wadia- Columnist and Television Critic.
Piroj Wadia is a contributor to the column True Review. She writes about television and its everchanging trends.


 Deepa Gahlot- Programmer NCPA and Columnist.
Deepa Gahlot writes the column Kaleidoscope which explores contemporary as well as traditional theatre in India.


 Simran Puri- Lawyer, Columnist.
Simran Puri writes on the legal aspects of contemporary social issues.