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An Easter Prayer

An Easter Prayer

by Monarose Sheila Pereira April 16 2022, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 35 secs

Happy Easter to all of you! Easter is a celebration of life. Various professionals speak to Monarose Sheila Pereira about their special Easter Prayer.  Over to them…

Fr. Reuben Tellis, Parish Priest, Mt Carmel's Church

My Easter prayer is that - The Risen Jesus may help every believer to rise above the mediocrity of life and celebrate it with compassion, cheer and confidence. The fact of the empty grave may help everyone to be set free from the shackles of evil and sin that force us into tombs of wretchedness and self-pity. Easter joy may be reflected in every person through love, forgiveness and the desire to reach out in service.

Elaine D’Souza, International Trade and Investment Professional

I pray this Easter that Jesus may destroy all the waves of COVID that will be forecasted to hit the world. I pray that we heal from the aftermath of the pandemic. I pray we tell our loved ones every single day how much we care for them. We have long cherished the secular fabric of our nation and I pray that it remains untouched. I pray for good sense and peace to prevail in the world. I pray that our future generations will have something left to be nostalgic about. I pray that we walk the talk and never tire of doing good things for others. I pray we become Christ-like in all we do. There is no Easter without Good Friday. We are Easter people.

Mark D’Cruz, Businessman, Goa

On Easter day we celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior. It is a celebration of being born again, yet in reality there is also so much sadness in the world. We had three waves of the pandemic, which took away lots of innocent lives but unfortunately left untouched many of those who truly deserved God’s punishment (who are we to judge?). Father, forgive us! Now we presently have a new war waging in Europe, and a fourth wave! We need more peace in this world, especially understanding within us to live as brothers and sisters, and blind ourselves against those who seek to divide and rule. Alleluia! Our Lord has risen and Peace will reign!

Merlyn, Musician, Composer

My Easter thoughts and prayers are for a ray of light and hope for the situation in Europe. My theme for this year’s Easter mission is ‘Faith and Courage’ for the officers and soldiers who are living that out even in the midst of war. Blessing them for all that they are doing selflessly. Also hospitality from neighbor countries - pray for faith and courage for all. Peace, surely to erase the threat to normal life and make it a reality and pray that leaders will find a way to dialogue and find a peaceful decision. Bunnies, baskets and eggs are nice, but this Easter, humanity reigns supreme as I send up a prayer for all the brave hearts who tirelessly protect and embrace those in need, thus enriching and resurrecting their lives, the very essence of Easter.

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