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Bollywood Star Tells Street Vendors He’s “Sent by God”

Bollywood Star Tells Street Vendors He’s “Sent by God”

by The Daily Eye Team October 21 2014, 2:19 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 51 secs

In theory, handing out large amounts of cash to strangers in need could be a beautiful, virtuous and truly selfless thing—a blessing. For Indian actor Varun Pruthi, though, it has become something far more complicated. Recently, the Bollywood star worked with a team to record himself passing out money to apparently poor street vendors. The formula for these moments of charity was, on its face, quite simple. Pruthi would buy one of the seller’s wares (water, cotton candy, toys), for a few cents. While reaching for cash, he’d ask them something like “Do you believe in God?” or “Do you have full faith?” Invariably, he’d get some form of yes and then hand the merchant a 1,000 rupee note—the equivalent of $16.41 and several weeks of work for these subsistence-level sellers. As he handed over the money, Pruthi would say, “God sent me for you.” Generally, the merchants shed tears of appreciation.

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